Market leading energy efficiency & carbon reduction

  • In 2020 we improved the efficiency of our entire sign light range, to an industry-leading 2.6 watts for an E2/UE2 LED sign light.
  • We have moved the manufacturing of the Alpha casting and 76mm bracket from China to the UK. Saving up to 15 tons of CO2 per years associated with shipping and transport.

Recycled materials

  • February 2021 – Launch of Envirograde® material.
    Envirograde® is our new recycled polymer. Our bollards are already recyclable at the end of their life, but by using recycled material in the manufacturing helps reduce our use of raw materials as well as reducing the amount of plastic that goes to landfill.
  • As of March 2021, 100% Envirograde® material is used in highway bollards, sockets and the black EcoLight sign light mouldings.

Plant-based bio-polymers


The UK Government has mandated that every UK business must reach net-zero by 2050 or before. That’s why Made in Britain is here to support every UK manufacturer to advance their progress on sustainability.

Made in Britain’s Green Growth Survey provides companies with a benchmark to understand the progress your business is making against your peers.

Created in partnership with the Cambridge Judge Business School, the Green Growth Survey has been designed exclusively for Made in Britain Members, and is the gateway to the Green Growth Programme.


Trees planted with each product purchased

  • “We are Climate Positive. Let us help reduce your carbon footprint with every purchase*” We plant circa 3,000 – 5,000 trees every month based, amongst other things, on the number of main products we sell. *We class a product as main product i.e. any bollard, chevron, sign light or embellishment kit. An accessory or fixing kit is not classed as a product in this campaign.
  • We can provide certificates to show trees per project or customer, if notified at the time of order.
  • Our process is fully transparent, with the dynamic detail at

Clever carbon savings

  • QR codes replacing paper user guides, started 2019
  • Reduce failed deliveries through better communication


Lean & accurate manufacturing

  • In 2020 we upgraded to the latest super accurate electronic scales to ensure the perfect amount of material is used in our rotational moulding plant.
  • Our rotational moulding plant operates at 0.5% material waste, and then that is recycled too.
  • Further upgrades to our rotational moulding plant in 2020 deliver significant production and energy savings.
  • We use 100% recyclable paper potato sacks instead of single-use plastics in our bollard packaging.
  • We are committed to removing single-use plastic in our processes and packaging.
  • We have segregated managed recycling bins.
  • We recycle heat from plant to heat the warehouse.

Electric vehicles

  • We operate a small fleet of vehicles and plan to be 75% electric by the end of 2024.

Green energy

  • We plan to be 100% green electric by the end of 2024.


Climate positive partner: Ecologi

170 trees are planted every month.
The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation. Based on scientific research of mangrove forests, we know that a hectare of mangroves can sequester 3082 tonnes of CO2 over a 25 year lifetime. Or 308KG per tree.

12.75 tonnes of CO2 removed every month from funding projects
The carbon footprint of our team is more than offset by funding climate change solutions. We’ll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, business & personal travel (5k miles), holidays, food, hobbies and more.

Smart savings

We employ from local areas – to reduce travel times and emissions.
We have a cycle to work scheme in place.
We keep our travel to a minimum an have Teams meetings where we can.