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Bollard Removal Tool

The TMP Solutions Bollard Removal Tool is designed to make installing and removing their Street Bollards a breeze.
  • Needed for removal and installation of bollards into ground sockets.
  • Compatible with TMP Orion, Manchester, Munro, Pictor, Pictor Minor and Pegasus bollards only.

TMP Ground Socket For Street Bollards


The LockSafe® ground socket allows the TMP range of street bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.
  • Fully compliant to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
  • Concreted into the ground
  • Steel plug plate is sold separately to protect socket when it is empty.
  • Recyclable

TMP Locksafe Socket Plug Plate

The TMP Locksafe socket plug plate has been made to perfectly fit into the Locksafe socket to seal the hole when there isn't a bollard inserted into it. This plug is important to keep the socket clean and stop anyone tripping in the hole when it is empty.
  • Manufactured from steel with a protective zinc coating.
  • Easy to fit and take out when required.

Bolt-Down Bollard Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down an RSRB bollard straight into solid concrete.
  • Comprising of 4 x M12 Coach bolts, washers, rawl plugs and caps.