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Bollard Conversion Plate

Our bollards can also be retrofitted to replace traditional base lit bollards, by using the Universal Conversion Plate, which allows easy installation without the need to excavate or remove the existing light box. The plates are manufactured from stainless steel and powder coated in matt black. *Haldo variant available.

Traffic Bollard Conversion Plate from Haldo to TMP

The Type B Haldo Plate is designed for easy instalment of TMP Bollards where  Haldo bollards are currently placed. The plate is placed over the existing Haldo bollard base to covert it into taking TMP modern bollards.
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Quick installation
  • Avoids costly excavation works

Traffic Bollard Retention Socket

The TMP Retention Socket is the perfect foundation choice for bollards located in vulnerable areas that are prone to repeated knockdowns. Bollards can be installed and replaced in seconds, not only making it safer for the highway operatives but there are considerable traffic management and civils savings too!
  • 50x50 Retention Socket
  • Fast and safe bollard installation and replacement
  • More cost effective than traditional foundations

Traffic Bollard Adapter Plate for 50 x 50 Retention Sockets

Our retention socket adaptor allows any of our surface mounted traffic bollards, and many others on the market, to be compatible with the TMP or NAL 50x50 Retention Socket.
  • Compatible with: Evo-MAX, Evo-N, Evo-S, Flecta, Heritage and Metro TMP Bollards
  • Fits TMP or NAL 50x50 Retention Sockets
  • Ideal for high risk areas where frequent bollard replacement is needed.

Bollard Foundation Cage

The Bollard Foundation Cage is manufactured from steel with a protective zinc coating.
  • Recommended for all new installations.
  • It's super easy to install, just concrete it in and bolt on your chosen bollard.

Bolt-Down Bollard Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down an RSRB bollard straight into solid concrete.
  • Comprising of 4 x M12 Coach bolts, washers, rawl plugs and caps.