New tactile paving product range

TMP, a leading traffic management product manufacturer, has launched its latest tactile paving product range. The lightweight Tactile made from Flexible Polyurethane is a fraction of the cost of the traditional concrete tile, easier to install. The Tactile Glo lasts six times longer than the concrete equivalent.

This unique product is a must for those eco-conscious customers; available in blister and corduroy, guaranteed for 10 years, with a 12-hour glow. TMP has improved a traditional product for customers, the environment, installers and their budgets.

With many Local Authorities looking for de-illumination, the Tactile Glo is the perfect solution. Offering all the benefits of Polyurethane but using a row of glow-in-the-dark blisters. Ideal for those dimly lit areas or where you need to ensure hazards are suitably noticeable.

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